Episode 3 - Caketime in Kragtown pt. 3

The third and final installment of our bounty hunter's adventures in Kragtown. Will Aureen be able to pull off this stunt & get the bounty? Will Peona's nightmare ever end? Does Judith really only have a learners permit? How little is Rissa planning on helping? The only way to find out is to listen to the newest episode of RPG Friends Club! We post new episodes every other Wednesday!


Becca/Rissa: Asari Hacker
Cherie/Peona: Ex-Military Turian
Rachel/Aureen: Turian Bounty Hunter
Taylor/Judith: Human Biotic Fighter
Ryan/GM - Everyone Else


We are using a modified version of the Firefly Cortex Plus System!

And check out the newly kickstarted Cortex Prime System!


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Music: Tiger Driver - Spacy & Hausy

Artwork: Glitterfang

Tutorial for Turian Voices: Discover ME

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