RPG Friends Club

No matter how the dice roll, chances are we’re gonna goof it up, but that’s cool cause we’re all friends here! Join a bunch of sci-fantasy loving nerds as we get tumbled around in the tabletop world that is RPG Friends Club.


Episodes Date

The third and final installment of our bounty hunter's adventures in Kragtown. Will Aureen be able to pull off this stunt & get the bounty? Will Peona's nightmare ever end? Does Judith really onl...
July 8, 2017
The crew of the Parisina continues their search for the smuggler, Farric & begin brainstorming a way to get to their new bounty, Krag. What sort of shenanigans will they get up to this week?   Be...
June 22, 2017
We find the crew of the Parisina on the hunt for their latest bounty, a salarian named Ferric. Will they find him? Will they break a bunch of stuff in the process? Only one way to find out!   Becca/...
June 9, 2017